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Youth Mental Health First Aid & The Professional School Counselor

The Office of Suicide Prevention has released its 2016 National and State Suicide Data Reports, sharing new information about Veteran suicide. From 1985 – 2016, the annual Rosalynn Carter Symposium on Mental Health Policy has brought together national leaders in mental health to focus and coordinate their efforts on issues of common concern and recommend action steps to move an agenda forward.mental health

Often they don’t seek help for their PTSD, depression or other forms of mental illnesses because the society enforces and expects them not to. When soldiers don’t seek help some committee suicide but other live with guilt and find themselves addicted to drugs or alcohol without job or shelter living on the streets.mental health

Life changing events can also trigger a period of mental illness such as redundancy, bereavement and divorce and there is also a genetic aspect to it as those with a history of mental illness in their families have an increased risk of developing a mental illness themselves.

There are multiple reasons for this, including a traditional focus on psychiatric disorders when thinking about treating suicidal thoughts and behaviors (which doesn’t have much evidence of being effective at reducing suicidal thoughts and behaviors) and stigma associated with having made a suicide attempt that may have dissuaded individuals from wanting to participate in a formal research study in the past.mental health

But after a while they come to realize that things aren’t the same and they are dealing with different types of issues whether it is mental health or physical health, but because they feel as they are going to be judged and seen as weak for looking for help they just go about their life not doing anything about it. And at the very end, the problem gets worse and they end up hurting themselves or acting in a violent way.