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Ways to Increase the Level of Human Growth Hormones in Your Body


The human growth hormone (HGH) plays an important role in growth, cell repair and body composition. It also boosts muscle growth, exercise endurance and strength and helps in recovering from diseases and injuries. This post will look into some of the ways you can boost the production of HGH in your body.

Lose Weight

The amount of fat in your body directly affects the production of HGH. Those with high levels of body fat or more belly fat experience an impaired production of growth hormones and are likely to suffer from stunted growth and contact various illnesses. Losing body fat, especially from the belly area, will optimize the production of human growth hormones and improve your overall health.

Use Supplements

There are several growth supplements out there. You need to be careful when choosing lest you get a potentially harmful product. One supplement we usually recommend is GHRP-2. This supplement activates the pituitary gland’s ability to produce human growth hormones. It also improves the signs and symptoms of aging and promotes faster healing of wounds. The supplement should be taken once every day orally or through injections.

Engage in Intensive Exercise

Intensive exercises that raise your heart rate above the anaerobic threshold stimulate the production of growth hormones. Intensive exercises such as cycling sprint, rowing sprint, swimming, and running have been proven to promote faster growth during early teenage years. The intensity of the exercise should be at a level where you can’t talk with someone or in a situation where you are quite uncomfortable. Such exercises can increase the level of growth hormones in the body by 450 percent.

Have Enough Sleep

You need to get enough and quality sleep. This is important because when you sleep, your body goes through several stages that affect the production of growth hormones. It is during stages three and four of sleep that the body begins to produce more growth hormones. Your body will cycle through these stages repeatedly during a good night sleep.

Reduce Sugar Intake

You need to reduce the amount of sugar you take per day. An increase in the level of insulin in the blood will suppress the production of growth hormones. A study found that those who are healthy and do not have diabetes have three to four times higher levels of human growth hormones that those who are diabetic. In addition to direct link with insulin, excess sugar plays a key role in weight gain and obesity, which also reduce the levels of growth hormones.

Do not eat a Lot at Night

Do not eat too much before bedtime. Your body releases a lot of growth hormones at night. Since a majority of meals are likely to raise the amount of insulin in the blood, your body might not produce enough hormones. Avoid foods that are rich in carbs or proteins. Such foods increase your insulin levels and block the growth hormones released at night.

Bottom Line

The body needs to produce enough HGH in order to enhance growth and boost the immune system. Make sure you get enough sleep, eat less before bedtime, take growth supplements and reduce sugar intake to enhance the level of growth hormones in your body.