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Top three countries for holistic treatment


There have been misunderstandings in the past about holistic treatment and what it entails. In a nutshell, it is an approach to medicine that looks not just at the physical needs of a patient but equally looks at the other aspects that make up a human being. That means, for example, if you’re a Richmond Hill Tutoring staff and you’re having headaches after lessons, the medical practitioner won’t only run tests and prescribe painkillers. They are likely to find possible triggers for the problem. Here are three countries that embrace this approach.


Chinese have a long history of using plant-based materials for their treatment. Many of the supplements in the market give homage to China as the origins of the use of a plant for healing and wellness purposes. The primary approach to the treatment of patients is holistic; the culture actively embraces natural medicine to treat most of their ailments, a practice that has been in place for thousands of years.

This approach is coupled with other practices that cater to both the mind and the body. That could include yoga, acupuncture and tai chi as part of a method that complements the herbal medicines taken. The technique is termed Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). More Americans are choosing to supplement their treatments with TCM, with the debate of scientific evidence of the role they play still in play.


Just like China, there are many traditional treatments for ailments that began in this country. One of the world’s oldest practices, Ayurveda Medicine, started 3,000 years ago in India. It bases its belief of the mind, body, and soul balancing for health and wellness to occur. This approach is still commonplace in the country. As a culture, a lot of the plants and spices used in the preparation of meals are often the same used as part of the traditional treatment of illnesses. Herbs are only a part of the procedure. A lifestyle change which includes diet and exercise are what help patients in their wellness journey.

Middle/Near East

Egypt and Mesopotamia are some of the oldest civilizations in the world and therefore not surprising that ancient documents on medical treatments exist. Surgeries and patients receiving prescriptions are part of the information available. In Egypt, acupuncture was the standard mode of treatment. Both civilization, though separately, hold records of physicians conducting successful surgeries and mummifications. As expected, medication was plant-based.



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