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Chocolate Milk

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I couldn’t get to sleep the other night and so resorted to flicking through last month’s UK issue: I find the pictures of semi-naked men’s perfect, sweating muscles and the droning narcissistic hypochondria of the copy in this notorious metromag strangely soothing. It is like a mix of just a normal womens mag but with more health and exercise, i don’t find it pushy with certain things health wise and is always positive, great!! Most of us are guilty of consulting Dr Google” for health matters and many still use traditional print media as a source of health magazinehealth magazine

But what magazines such as Women’s Health allow you to do is live your life so that you enjoy it and feel great about yourself. The litigation against Mr Wyss so far has received almost no media coverage, demonstrating the ongoing anechoic effect. Women’s Health now reaches more than 22 million …