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How to Prepare for the Gym


It’s that time at the New Year’s party where everyone’s intoxicated and it’s time to voice the resolutions, “New Year, New Me” is the usual, and that normally suggests you’ve decided to sort out that beer belly that was formed from Christmas dinner. Time to ditch the doughnuts, sweatpants and Netflix binge, and replace it with broccoli, fitness clothing and cardio training.

We’ve all been at that point when we take that first step into the gym and notice the numerous fellas with bulging biceps across the weights section. It can be daunting. But preparing for the gym in the correct way can soon get you onto the path of the ‘New Me’. Like they say… “Fail to prepare, then prepare to fail”.

Not sure where to start? Here’s 4 ways to get ready for taking that first step into gym.

Bring a positive attitude

The gym shouldn’t feel like an unnecessary routine, and when results are seen it can soon become a hobby and enjoyable. Finding what suits you best is always useful, whether you’re a morning or evening person, it always helps with your mindset, like not feeling tired for example. Have the focus that you’re working out for the sake of bettering yourself, and the positivity will flow.


Understand what foods are good for your diet so that the results become visible, quicker. Although it’s good to go to the gym consistently, having a poor diet won’t allow the results to happen. It would almost be like taking 1 step forward, 2 steps back. Take the time to research good foods that are high in protein such as fish and chicken. Lean meats like Turkey are also useful. Look to incorporate greens such as avocado and peas as a side to your main meals and most useful of all, meal prep. Meal preparation helps for the working week ahead, so keep with your schedule of healthy eating preparation and it’ll be available to take on the go.

Purchase workout clothes

Having uncomfortable clothing whilst you’re training could be a potential disaster scenario. Doing so can be irritating and can contribute to inefficient workouts. There’s fitness clothing out there specifically designed for the gym, why wouldn’t you use it?! Mens gymwear can range from t-shirts and footwear, to gym joggers and accessories. Ideal clothes for the gym are designed with breathable materials to help you stay cool whilst you work out, and it can provide support for your body where you need it most.

Prepare a plan for your workout

If you’re not sure what to do when you go to the gym, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time pondering on what to do and less time on actually doing it. Before you head to the gym, keep a diary of the exercises you do for each muscle so you’re prepared and in the mood for the routine ahead.

Take all these into consideration and soon enough the new you will arrive. Other considerations would be visiting the gym yourself before you choose to workout. This will give you a chance to talk to staff and understand where the relevant machines are. Also, make sure you know what your purpose is of going to the gym. Are you looking to gain muscle? Lose weight? Treat an injury? All these questions will help mould your preparation for the gym. So, get out the laptop and notepad, do a bit of researching and get that ‘new me’ in to you!