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As House Republicans questioned the ability of the Congressional score-keepers, their fellow party members in the Senate vowed that their ideas to replace the Affordable Care Act would look nothing like the House bill assessed Wednesday. Fairview Health Services, the Courage Center, and PeaceHealth are examples of innovative organizations that are using their existing quality improvement infrastructure—electronic health records and information systems, team-based care, and population-based care—in a more targeted way to support patients and personalize care.

Our bodies were designed to move and be active, and I will do my best to help you make better choices with regard to what you do during the day, the activities you participate in, and how to exercise simply and effectively on your way toward better health.

On behalf of the old UK Public Health Association alcohol group, I met with the British Association of Social Workers to discuss policies that would span public health and social work, but even when we identified quick wins (such as better care and assessment in emergency care for those young people with a history of abuse, who self harm when intoxicated) we failed to change policy.better healthbetter health

David did two politically astute things when he commissioned the report: he set up an informal panel of distinguished scientific advisors, including three of the original members of the Black Report working group, and he signed over copyright of The Health Divide to me (as opposed to the commissioning body, HEC), thereby ensuring that the report would be published irrespective of what happened to the HEC.better health

The first months of the fellowship were quickly consumed by intense technical training, making connections within and outside the university and refining my understanding of theories and methodologies necessary to deliver my proposal, particularly with relation to health inequalities and statistical methods.