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If you continue to use the site without changing your settings, we’ll assume you agree to this. Online public health degree programs work with students on an individual basis to ensure they gain field experience through internships, study abroad opportunities, or service learning projects. The curriculum extends across the natural sciences, mathematics, social sciences and humanities to educate and empower students about health related issues from varying points of view.

The minor offers students flexibility to choose electives appropriate to their interests in public health that also compliment their respective majors. A large part of public health is promoting healthcare equity, quality and accessibility. In Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada is the national agency responsible for public health, emergency preparedness and response, and infectious and chronic disease control and prevention.public healthpublic health

A formal degree program can help you hone those skills and launch a lucrative career. They have the opportunity to work or volunteer in the local or national agencies and organizations shaping public health policy and practice. Many Master’s Degree programs in Public Health allow students to tailor their studies to meet their individual career goals and may include concentrations such as biostatistics, epidemiology, occupational health or public nutrition.

Supporting decision making in health care and planning health services including any necessary changes. This is where your academic preparation meets with public health practice to enhance your overall learning process. Natural born leaders with a strong interest in oral health may want to pursue a career as a public health dentist.public health

Public Health also publishes invited articles, reviews and supplements from leading experts on topical issues. If you are an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person interested in studying a health or sport course, please contact Rachel Harrigan or phone 6201 2608.