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Holistic Medicine Secrets

The term holistic medicine became especially fashionable in the late 20th century (the International Association of Holistic Health Practitioners was founded in 1970, assuming its current holistic name in 1981). We believe the very best healthcare integrates conventional western medicine with proven complementary therapies. Now-a-days, Holistic Medicine has become a widely accepted method of health care a nutshell, Holistic Medicine is inspired from the theory of Holism (Wholism) that prefers the individuals a whole and denies to deal with them part by part.

We offer Mindfulness Bristol courses for stress, depression and cancer patients, working in partnership with Penny Brohn, the Greenway Centre and others. If I were hit by a bus,” he says, I’d want to be taken immediately to a high-tech emergency room.” Some conventional medicine is scientifically validated, some is not.holistic medicine

This material is used with the permission of the the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (AIHM). There are well over 100 medical conditions like cancer, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome and many others that can be helped with holistic medicine today.

We also offer some of the newest and most exciting breakthroughs in holistic healing, such as low energy neurofeedback system (LENS) and TrueRife technology. Conventional medicine considers biochemical imbalances, pathogens, bacteria and viruses to be the main cause of any kind of illness.

Integrative health and medicine is being increasingly recognized for its value and the true path it offers to both prevention and healing. The Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine is an accessible, comprehensive and in-depth guide to the 150 types of alternative medicine practiced today.holistic medicineholistic medicine