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The Area Command philosophy divides the City into four areas, each of which will include single and multi family residential areas, commercial areas, and schools. But, this statement would seem to infer, as I have observed the general discussion about fixing Obamacare has often inferred, that there is a certain cost to health insurance and that Republicans can rearrange the deck chairs any way they want but the cost will be the same.

In order to justify societal policy that interferes with individual freedom and autonomy, we should be required to document – with reasonable evidence – that a significant public health hazard exists. There is no health benefit in unrelated nurse practitioners intervening in the established relationship between Primary Care Practitioner and Patient, even if they do produce a lovely printed document”.

Honesty is critical in public health not only because it is essential to ethical conduct, but also because without it we risk losing the public’s trust. All other discussion of the scientific validity of journal articles is apparently illegitimate and news

As the White House readies its budget proposal for release tomorrow, The Nation’s Health reports the outline shows ominous signs for public health. The deadline to sign up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act has been extended to Monday – if you want to be covered in the new news

The waters of Puget Sound belong to everyone, not a select group of corporations who see the waters and tidelands as little more than something to profit off of. The letter below may be endorsed by clicking here The future health of Puget Sound depends on news