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The law of similars states that a disease is cured by a medicine that creates symptoms similar to those the patient is experiencing. Among the more well-known local homeopaths were Seth R. Beckwith, with a large Cleveland practice as physician and surgeon to railroads; Benjamin L. Hill, one of the founders of the Western Homeopathic College of Cleveland; and Hamilton Fisk Biggar, nationally known medical advisor and intimate friend of John D. Rockefeller.

The evidence required will vary depending on which category the homeopathic medicine falls into (specific or non-specific recommended use or purpose) as outlined in chapter 3. Information supporting the recommended conditions of use must be provided by referencing evidence such as clinical trials and/or published homeopathic references.

While it was assumed by scientists that no molecules remained from the repeated dilutions, a body of new research has now consistently confirmed that significant nanoparticles of the original medicine persist in homeopathic medicines, resembling the very low doses to which many of our hormones are known to respond).homeopathic medicine

Approximately 4,500 physicians in Germany hold this additional certification 6 However, with the exception of some randomised, controlled trials including patients with selected diagnoses 2 , 7 there is no data on the health care offered by classical homeopathic medical practices.homeopathic medicine

Homeopathic provings” are a method of establishing what a homeopathic remedy contains and how diluted it should be. It is a sort of in-house” scientific method, and a poor one: provings contains no controls for bias or any method for separating the ordinary experiences of daily life from true symptoms caused by the substance being tested.homeopathic medicine