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This site focus on worldwide law e books, articles, materials and reviews of important legal books, legal websites, etc. It’s fun and exciting to think that all the promotion of fiber out there is a bunch of nonsense, but the more I look into the matter, and the more well-balanced my own perspectives become on health and nutrition, the more I realize that the anti-fiber brigade is way off the articles

Further, in a letter sent to VapeNY five days ago, the director of the state health department’s chronic disease prevention division castigates vapers by denying that switching from smoking to vaping has any public health value, thus telling vapers that they might as well return to cigarette articles

Dr. Robert Blum, Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute Director, joins Hari Sreenivasan. On May 18, the House passed the National Defense Authorization Act, also known as NDAA, for Fiscal Year 2017. New statistics reinforce the revelation earlier this year that hundreds of thousands of students with a disability are in school without any additional funding to support their education.

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Holman Jenkins and Cliff Asness have worthy commentaries on the health insurance reform effort. No, I don’t work for the Fruit Board, and I’m not on the phytochemical bandwagon (anymore), but I do think they have some roles to play in health. Enter Chronometer, an online system to track your net carbs and more than 40 micronutrients, with a focus on nutrition articles