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Better Health Through Housing

Two years after Nova Scotia de-regionalized” – merged its nine health regions into a single provincial health authority – an informal, blue-ribbon group has offered up a scorching analysis of the exercise. Mercifully, they do not suggest the classic Canadian solution of throwing more bodies into a mismanaged system but, rather, call for the system to be better structured and managed so we can allow the health professionals we have to do their work unencumbered by seemingly never-ending bureaucratic hurdles.better health

I’m more likely to wash my hands — an activity so essential for safe medical care that it’s arguably malpractice not to do so — if a poster outside your room prompts me to think of your health instead of mine I’ll more readily change my practice if I’m shown data that my colleagues do something differently than if I’m shown data that a treatment does or doesn’t work.better health

The Better Health Partnership leverages regional cooperation and the electronic medical records capabilities of the region’s health systems to report on outpatient care across all payer sources and socioeconomic groups for several important conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, and heart failure.

Within this context, the Better Labs for Better Health initiative reflects the fact that the laboratory sector is one of the core capacities that countries must develop for the implementation of the International Health Regulations (2005), because laboratory services play a major role in all the key processes of detection, assessment, response, notification, and monitoring of events.

Susan Collins, R-Maine, a former insurance commissioner who was not invited to be part of the Senate health care working group, said that the CBO report underscores the problems with the House bill and emphasizes the need to work on a compromise that fixes the ACA and adopts some of the key principles Republicans would like to see.better health