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Women’s Care

There are many different areas in which nurse practitioners serve patients, with some areas requiring a high level of specialized training and focus. Although there were several millions of fatalities during the war (more civilians than soldiers even), we can see both positive and negative contributions that ultimately both led to further developments in public health. By choosing to receive care from our highly qualified, board certified obstetrician/gynecologists, you take an important step toward your own best health.womens health

These are enabling us to continue to enhance the website and to provide funding towards our key outreach trustees of the British Menopause Society and Women’s Health Concern thank you all, especially those who have supported us having suffered loss of close family.womens health

Our health information is developed in partnership with health professionals, women and their families. But with this longer life span have come increased health problems, chronic illness and disease associated with aging, such as dementia and osteoporosis, as well as vulnerability to reduced socio-economic status.womens health

If you’re 40 or older, you should have a health care professional perform a total body scan every year to look for any signs of skin cancer. We also provide colposcopy exams, evaluation and treatment of menstrual irregularities and other health problems and concerns related to women’s health.

With much of the population suffering chronic neck and lower back pain problems, due to factors such as sedentary lifestyle and poor posture, this potent combination of eastern and western therapy is unmatched and certainly not exclusive to the celebrities and elite sportspeople who attend his Pain Clinic.