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Mental Disorders & Conditions

The following article is an overview of some of the astronomical number of considerations in mental health, and how they are related to violence and criminal behavior. This is why the Department of Corrections focuses so heavily on choices in rehabilitation and mental health: the choices leading up to, during and after the offense – and helping offenders recognize that they are responsible for their lives and nobody else.

Despite the safeguards that even the United States government has to screen and monitor its most trusted individuals’ mental health and behavior there are still traitors and criminals operating at the highest levels of government undetected, at times with catastrophic consequences.

Community behavioral and mental healthcare serves as an important partner for the criminal justice system, whether by providing treatment which prevents behaviors that could bring people into contact with law enforcement; training officers in how to deal with people with mental illness who are in crisis; or preventing recidivism by ensuring continued and coordinated treatment for people involved with the justice system, leaving the justice system, or both.mental health

The kinds and levels of supports and structures in psychosocial rehabilitation programs typically occur on a scale of most restrictive” to least restrictive.” Participation in a psychosocial rehabilitation program at the most restrictive level would suggest greater limitation of your areas of mental functioning than would participation at a less restrictive level.mental health

Not only is this an opportunity for our community members to learn more about topics related to mental health from experts they probably would not have a chance to meet otherwise, it is allows the general public to attend a professional conference for free.mental health