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IPFW Lafayette Street Family Health Clinic

The mission of Student/University Health Services is to provide acute and episodic care to university students and employees. The Community Health Clinic of Butler County cares for our neighbors through the patients (19-64 years old) we serve. A specialist clinic provides advanced diagnostic or treatment services for specific diseases or parts of the body. This is why we have partnered with community organizations to offer services like My Life My Health.

Testing Together is a service offered at Howard Brown Health that provides HIV testing for couples or individuals in romantic and/or sexual partnerships, and is offered through our Sheridan Walk-In Clinic, Outreach, and Broadway Youth Center (BYC) clinichealth clinic

The vaccinated were also more likely to have used antibiotics, allergy and fever medications; to have been fitted with ventilation ear tubes; visited a doctor for a health issue in the previous year, and been hospitalized. Services are provided on a walk-in basis where no appointment is needed, and available six days a week at our Sheridan Road ( 4025 N. Sheridan Road, Chicago IL 60613 ) and Clark Street ( 6500 N Clark Street, Chicago IL 60626 ) clinics.

Charlotte Community Health Clinic may acknowledge the elected officials who support us, but we do not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for public office, nor do we intervene in any election on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate or political party.

Most of our clinics offer both ‘walk-in’ and appointment options, to suit your personal needs. Communicate: Improve public knowledge about emotional health across the lifespan. Your Premium Membership allows you access to over 25 Daily Health Trackers including food diary, mood diary and period diary for females, as well as regular online fortnightly nutrition consultations with a health practitioner of your clinic