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To give your child a head start on lifelong fitness, consider children’s sports and other kid-friendly physical activities. Help your child maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise and proper nutrition as they grow. The new Raising healthy kids health target focuses on intervening in the early stages of life to ensure positive, sustained effects on health. Despite pointing out factual errors, most anti-tobacco and health organizations or agencies are unwilling to, or uninterested in, correcting their misinformation.

What a tremendous disservice the Foundation for a Health Kentucky is doing by misleading the people of Kentucky into thinking that smoking is no worse for your health than using a product which doesn’t even contain any tobacco and doesn’t involve any healthkids health

Many Nebraska farmers and ranchers have expressed deep concerns to me about the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) regulations on anhydrous ammonia. WKKF’s mission driven investments in organizations like Revolution Foods and SeeChange Health are making a difference in the lives of children across the health

Obesity is particularly concerning in children as it is associated with a wide range of health conditions and increased risk of premature onset of illness. If your children are eligible for CHIP, they won’t be eligible for any savings on Marketplace insurance.

Over the years, family obligations, financial constraints, and health concerns have prevented them from traveling to our nation’s capital. The Health Trust, in partnership with Children’s Dental Group, opened its first Children’s Dental Center in east San Jose in June of 2008.