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Holistic Medicine Healing that Considers the Whole Person

Holistic medicine is a form of healing that considers the whole person – body, mind, spirit, and emotions – in the quest for optimal health and wellness. Friendly and colorful images of herbal treatments may look less threatening or dangerous when compared to conventional medicine. Keep in mind, not all holistic healers are equal, each has his or her own specialty or expertise to offer. These days, many cancer centers provide integrative therapy, which combines your traditional treatment with CAM therapies.

Holistic Medicine Healing that Considers the Whole Person

CAM users often say they feel less limited or defined by their cancer when using CAM in addition to conventional treatments. The Atlanta Center for Holistic & Integrative Medicine is dedicated to providing our patients with the best medical care. Holistic physicians strive to adopt an attitude of unconditional love for patients, themselves and other practitioners.

Our board-certified physicians have formal education in integrative medicine as well as years of experience in conventional medicine. Choosing to go to a holistic healer is no different from choosing a medical professional. The aim of holistic medicine is to bring all areas of an individual’s life, and most particularly the energy flowing through the body, back into harmony.

Different forms of alternative medicine and remedies, including yoga and meditation are becoming quite popular. Mammograms will sometimes give false positives and leave some women enduring treatments, only to find out later they may never have had cancer at all.

Fresno Holistic Medicine blends art and science with our customized vitamin injections. Alternative Medicine is a term used when therapies are presented as an option to conventional or Western medical treatments. Holistic Health supports reaching higher levels of wellness as well as preventing illness.