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Holistic Holism

Many people feel they are at the point where going to a Western trained (allopathic) doctor has lead to frustration or no results in improving their level of health and vitality. However, the practice of Holistic Medicine demands the knowledge of behavioral sciences that deals with the study of human behavior using principles of psychology, sociology and anthropology in conditions of health and disease. By joining modern medicine with proven practices from other healing traditions, integrative practitioners are better able to relieve suffering, reduce stress, maintain the well-being, and enhance the resilience of their patients.

Holistic therapy also attempts to prevent illness by placing a greater emphasis on optimizing health. Integrative medicine combines conventional medicine with complementary and alternative medicine and is a fairly new holistic approach to health care in the United States.

An alternative medicine practice that is used in conjunction with a conventional one is known as a complementaryā€¯ medicine. These connections are actually the base of this Holistic Medicine as multi-dimensional and combined management of the patients fills the bill.

Dr. Shabazz, a Virtua primary care physician, specializes in holistic medicine which integrates traditional medicine with natural medicine. Whether you’re concerned with high blood pressure, allergies, low energy or a combination of symptoms, our holistic practitioners will focus on healing the person, not the illness.holistic medicineholistic medicine

Many people who try holistic therapies focus on one area of their health only, often detoxification and nutrition. Also, it is important to remember that just as there are side effects of chemotherapies and other types of medical treatments, there are side effects to using holistic breast cancer treatments as well.holistic medicine