The lessons science and pharmacology teach us about achieving optimal health, vitality and maximal lifespan with a low net carb, high saturated fat, evolutionarily paleolithic-styled diet aligned with my ancestral heritage and how I lost 50 pounds of body fat. The event was in part, about sharing new ideas and innovative practice that bridges substance misuse and recovery, with the arts – moving away from cliched representations of addiction, and critically about exploring ways in which art and artists might have a part in the research

So I’m certainly not one to minimize the health risks of preventable environmental exposures. What the paper might actually be showing is simply that smokers who have experienced a heart attack are more motivated to try vaping to quit than smokers who have not had similar health

The programme which is a partnership between the Carnegie UK Trust and the Wellcome Trust offers grants of £5,000 – £15,000 to libraries to deliver creative and imaginative public engagement projects on health and wellbeing. I am heterozygous for C677T and A1298C, and have histamine intolerance and severe adrenal fatigue and multiple food

The children can watch daily as the use of daily sugar & caffiene ( or simply state junk food) changes the color of the white egg ( or tooth). Teachers, school nurses, administrators and staff are all partners in keeping Vermonters healthy. One area of disagreement is the question of whether to allow states to opt out of some ACA regulations, such as the requirement that insurers cover people with preexisting medical conditions and do not charge them more than healthy individuals.

What a tremendous disservice the Foundation for a Health Kentucky is doing by misleading the people of Kentucky into thinking that smoking is no worse for your health than using a product which doesn’t even contain any tobacco and doesn’t involve any combustion.