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E-cigarettes are claimed to be healthier than cigarettes – Read reviews before getting one


We know that smoking kills and there’s no other habit which is strongly tied to incurring all the deadly diseases like cancer and heart diseases. Apart from inhaling tar and tobacco, smokers breathe in other toxic materials like beryllium and cadmium and also metallic elements like chromium and nickel. All these materials naturally accumulate on the tobacco plant. Hence, it’s not anylonger a surprise that evidence suggests vaping to be healthier than smoking. Vaping involves on puffing the vaporized liquid rather than inhaling the tobacco that’s burnt. This is why it is said to be a healthier option. Let’s take a deeper look into this topic.

What is there inside your lungs?

Electronic cigarettes possess a cartridge which gets vaporized while inhaling. While some contain nicotine, there are few others which have different flavors in varying amounts. From the perspective of your health, there can be nothing good that can come from inhaling chemicals within your lungs and you don’t require studies and researches done to prove that. So, whether or not your e-cig has got nicotine or whether you’re inhaling chemicals, this can never be a good thing.

You can’t remain safe by ignoring facts

There are no such studies which prove that e-cigarettes lead to cancer. The reason is that they are not here for a long time to as to allow others to study their long term impacts. This doesn’t assure that they’re safe or that they can never cause cancer. There are many who use e-cigs too often as they think that they are safer and much healthier. This definitely boosts the amount of chemicals that enter your lungs.

Less Nicotine is better for your lungs

E-cigarettes are considered to be safer because they have less nicotine as compared to cigarettes. This doesn’t mean that they actually have less nicotine. Even though you choose a cartridge which has got lower dose, inhaling it twice will boost your dosage. If you actually need nicotine, select the delivery methods which are less toxic for your lungs. Reduce the dosage as per your toleration and make sure you have a plan to stop nicotine whenever you think that it’s enough.

Make an informed decision before buying

Before you purchase an e-cigarette, make sure you go through the best e-cigarette reviews in the UK so that you can take an informed decision. You will always find the best reviews written on the e-cigarette websites and forums and you should go through them so that you can make an informed decision.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the health impacts of vaping over smoking, you can take into account the best reviews so as to make an educated decision.