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Hyperthyroidism is the most common endocrine disorder of cats, and is one of the most common medical problems seen in small animal practice. These issues in combination with an almost 3 year constant prescription of prednisone for severe allergies and treatment for opportunistic infections and almost complete hearing loss was the final reason, after discussing with the vet our options, to decide to put her to sleep early this morning.

The long-time founder/editor of The Integrator Blog News & Reports, a primary connective terrain for the diverse stakeholders and professions in the field and was invited in May 2016 to serve as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.homeopathic medicine

Although some studies show promising results, more research is needed to determine who homeopathic remedies work best for and in what situations, said Dr. Hilary McClafferty, chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Section on Complementary and Integrative Medicine.homeopathic medicine

I bought some milk recently for some reason (I never buy it), and I have peanut butter because my 2 beagles, Sam & Sophie love it. Sam was acting strangely this past Saturday morning, and he wouldn’t climb stairs or do anything that required him to put weight on his hind legs.

Another controlled study in cooperation with a German health insurance company 22 , indicated similar overall effectiveness of homeopathically versus conventionally treated patients for selected diagnoses and in some groups, superiority of homeopathic treatment.homeopathic medicine