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Approaching Cardio Training Correctly



Approaching cardio is (and could be) hard for several reasons: after a long break, for example, going back to it will be painful for your legs, it will make you feel tired and sore, but, if you’re dedicated to it, you will see result and your body and mind will benefit from it big times. If you are new to it, then it could be scary, like it was for me. Don’t worry, I’m here to help you with my personal advices when it comes to Cardio Training:

H1: Plan, Execute, Improve.

Having a workout plan is the most important thing. For cardio, in particular, you want to push yourself without exaggerating, or you will get the opposite effect. Working out is something that requires dedication and plans. I suggest setting some goals that you are sure you can accomplish, like “run for 20 minutes” or similars. Once you nail those, you can push your limits a bit and repeat the whole process.

H2: Eat properly and clean.

The way you eat is one of the most (if not the most) important factors when it comes to losing, gaining or controlling your weight. It is important to consult a nutritionist if you have serious problems with your current weight, don’t risk! If you are planning on burn some calories, it’s fine, you can follow my advices. Eating carbs before a run (at least 30 minutes before) it’s a good choice, for example. You should reduce them afterwards, expecially if you’re training in the evening.

H3: Comfort before anything!

Your comfort while you do cardio is as important as the way you do your workout: no one does cardio in their suit, get yourself a fitted tracksuit, from shoes to t-shirts, shorts and leggings etc. Being comfy while you workout will let you achieve your goals easier and quicker, if you do it with a touch of style, that’s even better, mens trucker caps are a good choice to keep your hair in place whilst running.

H4: Warm Up, Go Hard, Cooldown.

Don’t go hard when you do cardio from the start: your body will feel sore after a couple of minutes and it will be almost impossible for you to go on, therefore I suggest you to start with a slow run (even walking works!) and then speed it up when you feel it. Once you are at your limit, try to reduce the speed without stopping, so you will maintain your body hot. Always remember to never push yourself too much, otherwise, you won’t benefit from it at all!

H5: Have fun!

Even if you will find it hard at the beginning, working out could be a social experience and you will surely have fun doing it. That’s why I suggest you to do it with your friends or even with your family, so you can keep up with it and time will run faster. Remember, working out should be fun and not painful! If you follow these simple guidelines, you will be a cardio machine in no time, good luck and have fun!